Kingdom Kid’s Children’s Church

The Education Team has joined forces in order to synchronize the message the children are receiving is each setting. All children’s classes will be receiving the same message, but presented for each age group. Each area will have different activities to assist in spreading the message. After thorough research, we have purchased all new materials for the children’s programs. These materials are designed to coordinate Children’s Church, Sunday School, and children’s Wednesday night classes.

Children’s Church

  • Will use music and visual art that is provided in the Resource packet to support the message. The resource packet includes Posters, story-telling figures, puppets, games, and Bible verse cards. They will continue to follow the format we use in services to prepare children for transitioning to church.
  • Children’s Church is available for children K- 3rd grade during each service except the first Sunday of the month. All children attend the first Sunday service to participate in communion.

Sunday School

  • Will use the Bible Story Pack which contains engaging skill-appropriate activities. This pack “uses a variety of learning styles and various skill sets to ensure each child can be reached in a way that’s meaningful to him or her.
  • Sunday school classes are held from 9:45 – 10:45 a.m. The pre-K/K group meets on the first floor of the education building. 1st- 2nd grade are also on the first floor of the education building. 3rd-5th grade meet in the education office in the church Narthex.

Wednesday Night Classes

  • The Wednesday Night multi-age class (preschool to 5th grade) will be using the Fun Pack which has crafts and games to support the message they have received in the other locations. They will hear the Bible story again and review the message along with completing crafts and activities to drive the message home.
  • Wednesday night classes start with a meal at 5:45 followed by children’s choir practice at 6:30. Their bible study class follows choir practice.
If you have questions please contact the Church office at 850-877-6276